Most of us have fond memories of MySpace’s peak of popularity: being in someone’s Top 8, posting bulletins of surveys we had taken, or even the often annoying layouts that many of our friends had. This was, until Facebook came into the picture and sucked all life out of the site that once was so much apart of ours. In the beginning, I believe MySpace just didn’t keep up with the rapidly changing web and Facebook took advantage of that. After being bought out, the site received its first major redesign and it was probably one of the worst site designs I have ever seen.

New MySpace stream.

The new design focused on entertainment news and moved MySpace from the familiar blue to a darker black. The layout was obnoxious and the pages loaded slow. It felt like the site had become one of those gossip magazines and the social network itself was an after-thought. Thankfully after looking at today’s second major redesign promo video (shown below) it looks as if that might change.

MySpace’s beautiful new design might be just what it needs to rekindle its old user base as well as gain new users. It stylish, simplistic design, I believe, will be a hit.

The site’s navigation, along with notifications, and a built-in music player now line the bottom of the screen and the traditional scrolling of the site has been changed to scroll from left to right, similar to Pinterest. It’s use of large font sizes in search, and a few other areas of the site bring some much needed edge as well.

Just from the preview’s I’ve seen so far, I can not wait to receive my invitation to join the New MySpace and I look forward to seeing what the site has in store next! After all, everyone loves a good comeback story!

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