Facebook has grown to become one of the largest social hubs on the web to share and connect with family, friends, or even strangers. Large influence comes with a lot of responsibility; however, something that Facebook has failed to show us often in the past.

The social media mammoth is an excellent place to discuss, share, plan, or connect with everyone in your life or to meet new people. Sometimes it’s even easier for me to get in contact with someone through Facebook faster than their phone! It also is excellent place to connect with the brands that you know and love. Many of these companies offer special discounts to their fans as well.

facebook-promotes-photo-syncThe problem with this is that Facebook has to offset the cost of running the world’s number one social media site and one answer to this has been: ads. The ads themselves aren’t that unusual, but some of Facebook’s practices for using our information to display ads to us is. Every site that you visit that has a Facebook “like” button (pretty much every site on the internet) is relaying information about you back to Facebook in order to show you more relevant ads.

Another feature rolled out this week for many Facebook user is called Photo Sync; this feature just heightens the loss the privacy we receive on the site. The feature allows you to upload the last 20 pictures on your phone, as well as every picture taken thereafter, up into the “cloud”. This would allow you to share your photos easier and also allow you to view the photos on your phone across multiple devices, such as your desktop computer. There is just one problem with this idea. Unless you have your location settings turned off on your phone anytime you use your camera, every picture you take has location data attached to it that is sent to Facebook when your photos are automatically uploaded.

Think about everywhere you’ve taken pictures at recently: your favorite restaurant, the movies, your friends’ homes, or even your home. Do you want Facebook to know where you live, where your friends live, where you frequently go to see movies or to eat? Facebook would have all of this information, presumably just to better hone there ads displayed on their site, but Facebook has been known to be a rule breaker in the past. I don’t know about you but I would rather not have Facebook know this much information about myself or my family and friends.

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